I have struggled for all of my adult life with weight problems, food cravings, and food sensitivities. I have done all the “conventional wisdom” diets – Weight Watchers, TOPS, calorie control, as well as the crazy diets – binge/purge, bulimia, starvation – but nothing changed my weight long term. I have always thought it was me; I just don’t have the control.  I have questioned my doctor for years about the possibility of Celiac, and was told…”No way – you would be wasting away if you had Celiac, and would have had it as a child. You probably have IBS.  Just watch your calories and move more.” Ha! If that was the answer, I would be a Supermodel Triathlete!

I worked with a naturopath years ago who felt I had a yeast overgrowth. She suggested  that I do an anti-Candida diet (which radically limits sugars). This was a challenge to stick to, but I lost 50 pounds in four months. Unfortunately, I stopped eating this way, and put the weight back on over the past ten years.

My symptoms have gotten increasingly worse during this time, too, with intestinal problems, joint pain, and brain fog the primary culprits. I had read about primal/grain-free living several years ago, but hadn’t made the commitment. In March, 2012, I decided to abandon CW once and for all, and go gluten-free. Since I ate processed, gluten-free junk food as part of this plan, I promptly gained 7 pounds.  But I felt better…

I read Mark Sisson’s and Dr. William Davis’ books and websites, and went wheat/gluten/grain-free. I eat cleanly: high-quality protein, fats, nuts/nut flours and produce, and… the weight is coming off! It is slow, but steady. I have no joint pain, NO intestinal problems, my skin is clearer and my face is thinner.

I will never go back to the old ways…I feel fantastic!


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