Day 21 – 21DSD – Success!

21DSDI did it! I successfully have completed my Level 3 21 Day Sugar Detox, and I have never felt better! I’m down 7 pounds, my skin is clearer, I have no pain, no cravings, and tons of energy! I have been thinking a lot about what happens next. I am sure sugar will play some role in my life, but it will be a minor one. I worked hard to rid my body of the junk, and I would like to continue eating as cleanly as possible. …But a little Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Baby now and again can’t hurt!

This was my meal tonight – stir-fried calamari with banana peppers, Chicken Caesar salad, and a grilled, spice-rubbed chicken leg. Mmmmmm!

I will do another 21 DSD soon…most likely in March…it will be great!

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