Exciting Chance!

It is New Year’s Day 2013…time to start anew! I have been VERY lax in keeping up my blog – I have written nothing since vacation last August. My new job has kept me busy, and the blog took a back seat. Unfortunately, so did my body upgrade! I have remained gluten/grain free since March, 2012 and I have maintained a 23 pound weight loss since October, but I have lost NOTHING else! I am still learning new habits to manage the stress that my job brings – unfortunately, I haven’t found something to replace my LOVE affair with sugar. Sometimes there are just not enough peanut M&Ms in the world…

But of course New Year’s is a wonderful time to initiate new habits and squash old ones, which is why I am excitedly preparing to start my 21 Day Sugar Detox tomorrow! I have finished the M&Ms, chucked the leftover Christmas candy, and stocked up on all my favorite meats and vegetables! I am doing Level 3…big challenge, as I will not be eating any dairy (my second-most-favorite-thing to eat!). Looking forward to see if my random health quirks (runny nose, occasionally painful joints) go away as well.

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