Dinner at Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill!

We are on vacation in Florida, staying at our timeshare on Singer Island. This visit, the challenge has been finding great places to eat while following my grain/gluten/wheat- free plan. Tonight’s find is Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill in Juno Beach.

We have been to Captain Charlie’s many times in the past, back in the days when I was an uneducated wheat-eater. The food has always been fantastic, and we were hoping that many of our favorite dishes were wheat-free.

I asked our waiter, a charmingly efficient gentleman, if the conch chowder was prepared with a flour base since I am wh-   ….he interjected, “You can eat the conch chowder – no wheat. My wife is gluten-free, too.”  I was delighted! Many of the dishes are perfect for those of us who feel and function best wheat-free.

We chose to share several dishes. We got the conch chowder, a thick, red concoction of conch, vegetables, and potatoes. Yum! We followed that with a grilled calamari appetizer. We skipped the marinara, and asked to have the hot pepper topping with it. We had always gotten the fried calamari before, but this was even better – spicy and delicious. It was great to have the option of grilling; I didn’t miss the batter at all.  Next, we shared a crisp Caesar Salad; our waiter brought the croutons for my Dearly Beloved separately.  The final shared course was T-Wa Curried Coconut Scallops with Scallions. The scallops were perfectly prepared and served in a  fragrant, light sauce. DB had the accompanying pita triangles.

The ultimate finish was the Flourless Chocolate Chip Brownie Sandwich. Our waiter assured us that this was the perfect gluten-free dessert for me…he was SO correct. The ingredients included egg whites, ground nuts, chocolate chips, coconut. Vanilla ice cream was sandwiched between two chunks of brownie served with a nice serving of whipped cream on top. Decadent, but absolutely delightful!  Doesn’t this look good? (Sorry…ate the other dishes before I took pictures!)

We highly recommend Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill!


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