The Journey

After three weeks of being GF, and gaining seven pounds, I knew I needed something different. Gluten-free was not working – I needed something more substantial.  I discovered several sites as I was searching for answers…when the student is ready, the teacher appears!

Gluten-free was not the answer – the flours used to make these products were just as unhealthy as the ones they were replacing, and were often higher on the Glycemic Index Scale than the original flours.

Mark’s Daily Apple was my first discovery. Mark Sisson’s advice is to get rid of the grains, and your health will improve. Eat like your hunter-gatherer ancestors, and your weight will drop. Eat protein, and dump the processed carbohydrate and you will feel better. I was hooked! I downloaded his book Primal Blueprint and blasted through it immediately. Mark’s theory made sense to me. What made me even happier, was that after 10 days of following the Primal Blueprint, I lost the seven pounds I had gained. Whoo-hoo!

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