Welcome to my Grain-Free Life!

Well, here I am! In my ongoing quest to change my body, my digestive system, my health and ultimately my life, I have embarked on a new journey as the Grain-Free Goddess! I began this process on February 29, 2012 – my size 22 skirt was tight, my joints and feet ached constantly, I had massive digestive problems, fatigue, and hypothyroidism. I was sick of feeling sick. I decided that I could limp painfully into old age, becoming more debilitated over time, or I could take charge, do some research, and make a change.

I have debated with my doctor for years about Celiac disease – I swore I had it…he completely disagreed. He told me I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome; his advice was to lay off the dairy products, include whole, healthy grains in my diet, and eat smaller portions. I tried to do it his way: I cut my dairy, cut my fats, doubled my fiber amounts and increased my exercise. This did not work; I just became sicker, had diarrhea and my weight did not decrease. Three of my cousin’s children were diagnosed as celiac; I decided I was done arguing, and began to pursue a gluten-free diet on my own.

Gluten-free is not all it is cracked up to be – I dutifully cleared out my pantry, bought the GF cereal, bread, pasta and crackers, and continued to eat as usual. I GAINED 7 POUNDS! This was not the miracle I anticipated…I started to do more reading.

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